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Brazilian preservation group saves Alco, stops at gas station on the way home
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Brazilian railroad preservation group members stop at a regional fueling station to pick up diesel for their new locomotive acquisition.
Bruno Crivelari Sanches
An Alco-built Brazilian RSD-8 on rails.
Bruno Crivelari Sanches
CRUZEIRO, São Paulo, Brazil — A railway preservation group in Brazil saved an Alco RSD-8 the first week in December and swung by a gas station to top it off on the way its new home.

The Regional Sul de Minas Chapter of the Brazilian Association of Railroad Preservation recently acquired a six-axle RSD-8 built in 1958. The locomotive changed hands a number of times during its career and eventually ended up working at the Santos, São Paulo, seaport in the 1990s. The locomotive became surplus a few years ago and the preservation group started negotiations to save it. After a year of talks, the group forged an agreement with the port to bring it to its museum in Cruzeiro, São Paulo.

The group loaded the locomotive was on a flatbed truck for the trip to its new home. But before arriving at the shops, they decided to make a quick stop at a local gas station. Volunteer Bruno Crivelari Sanches says they put about 80 gallons of diesel fuel in the locomotive so that they could start it to unload it and then “play with it” in the yard. Photos shared online show the locomotive pulled up under the gas station canopy with inches to spare.

The locomotive will be used on excursions next year, Crivelari Sanches tells Trains News Wire.

More information, in Portuguese, is available online.
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