LA Metro announces 'Twenty-eight by 28' infrastructure initiative for Olympic games

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LOS ANGELES — With the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to the Los Angeles region in summer 2028, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is working on a “Twenty-Eight by ‘28” Initiative to ensure that 28 key road, transit, and bicycle-pedestrian projects are completed in time for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles. Many of the projects are already scheduled to be completed by then. Others would need accelerated funding to complete by 2028.

“Winning the 2028 Olympic Games gives us the chance to re-imagine Los Angeles, and ask ourselves what legacy we will create for generations to come. Twenty-Eight by ‘28 will help us frame the progress we're striving to make in the years leading up to the Games,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti, Chair of the Metro Board. “This initiative is our opportunity to harness the unifying power of the Olympic Movement to transform our transportation future.”

Seventeen projects already are slated for completion before 2028, of which 17 have certain funds available. Eight additional accelerated project schedules are deemed “aspirational,” which means that the projects have a current delivery date after 2028. These include four Measure M mega projects that will require accelerated resources to deliver significantly earlier. MicroTransit, an Interstate 10 ExpressLanes extension to the San Bernardino County line and Blue Line Signal and Washington-Flower Junction Improvements would require funding resources. As stated in a voter-approved ordinance, project schedule acceleration only may occur if doing so does not delay delivery of any other project.

“The 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games offer an opportunity for us to work with the state and federal governments to move our projects forward for the good of the people in our region,” said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington.

There will be no financial impact from this action nor would there be, should the Metro Board adopt the Twenty-Eight by ’28 Initiative. All commitments in Measure M would still be met, regardless of inclusion on the list.

— A Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority news release. Nov. 30, 2017.
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