Commuter rail staff dismantles passenger cars to find lost engagement ring

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LONDON – Dedicated c2c commuter rail employees have returned an engagement ring that a woman lost while riding to London.

Lucy Holbrook, 37, accidentally dropped her ring on Oct. 21 after removing it it to apply lotion to her hands. “I felt physically sick when I realized. My heart fell out of my mouth,” Holbrook tells Echo News. “Everyone on the carriage was helping me look for it. I asked the people behind to check under their seats, and I was double-checking everything from my bag to my shoes.”

The staff and other passengers were unable to locate the ring on that particular day. Holbrook reported the lost ring to the c2c police and created a Facebook post pleading for its return that was shared more than 7,000 times.

“Our whole team at East Ham depot helped in the hunt for Ms. Holbrook’s ring,” said Chris Atkinson, a spokesman for the company, “They literally left no seat unturned as they stripped the carriages out in their search.”

c2c staff deep-cleaned the train that Holbrook had been riding and removed more than 280 seats before the lost ring turned up Nov. 6. It had fallen through the floor and into one of the heaters.

"We were delighted that we managed to find the ring and could reunite such a treasured possession with its owner," Atkinson adds.

c2c is a subsidiary of Trenitalia that operates passenger rail service along the Thames River from London east to Shoeburyness in Essex.

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