Northwest Railway Museum making progress century-old 0-6-0

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SNOQUALMIE, Wash. — The Northwest Railway Museum is making good progress towards restoring its 1899 Northern Pacific 0-6-0 No. 924, by June 2018.

Museum executive director Richard Anderson says that the majority of the work on the locomotive’s boiler has been completed. Within the last month, the museum hired two new employees to oversee the final stages of repair on No. 924’s boiler: Bill Petitjean as project manager, a licensed engineer in Washington state with extensive steam and boiler experience, and his brother Gerry Petitjean, a “journeyman machinist in the old style" who apprenticed at the Washington Iron Works and previously worked on locomotives at the Mt. Rainier Scenic.

“There are always new things to discover and some unknowns with a large rehab project,” Anderson says. “There are surprises, both good and bad, but that’s consistent with what we have heard about other projects, particularly with a late 19th-century boiler where very few records have survived.”

Anderson says that employees and volunteers have also completed major repairs on the running gear, valves, pistons, and spring rigging. They are in the process of putting those pieces back together and making minor repairs where needed. Crews are also in the end stages of completing a newly built tender.

Anderson says that the museum’s goal is to repair No. 924 to its 1908 appearance. When finished, it will feature a wooden cab and boiler jacketing designed to emulate America iron, a type of metal designed to duplicate the green-tinged Russia Iron commonly used on steam locomotives built in the late 19th century.

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