Indiana shortline company debuts its own heritage locomotives

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Double take? Yes, you might have to look twice to see that this Grand Trunk Western GP9R locomotive is lettered for shortline Camp Chase Railway of Columbus, Ohio.
Steve Smedley
A classic shot of newly repainted GP38-2 No. 5115.
Steve Smedley
Vermilion Valley F9 No. 4210 leads a short locomotive parade in Olin, Ind., on Nov. 4. The line-up includes No. 4210, a former Erie Mining Co. locomotive; former Southern Railway GP38-2 No. 5115, which is lettered for the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad; and Camp Chase Railway GP9R No. 4618, a former Grand Trunk Western unit.
Steve Smedley
OLIN, Ind. — One Indiana railroad company is pulling out all sorts of surprises for railfans.

On Nov. 4, when Indiana Boxcar Corp. dedicated a newly repainted Erie Mining Co. F9 No. 4210 in mostly original colors for its Vermilion Valley Railroad, the classy covered wagon came out pulling a Southern-styled GP38-2 and a Grand Trunk-styled GP9R.

Vermilion Valley General Manager Jim Montgerard, who also oversees the paint and mechanical work on the holding company's railroads, says the high-hood GP38 No. 5115 is for the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad. Montgerard had attended a Norfolk Southern locomotive auction in Roanoke, Va., purchasing three former Southern high-hood GP38-2’s for Indiana Boxcar in August. The locomotives, Nos. 5093, 5115, and 5152 will retain the Norfolk Southern numbering system. The 33-mile-long Chesapeake & Indiana, known by railfans as the "chicken," due to its CKIN reporting marks, will eventually feature the three units in Southern Railway paint. As ex-Southern units they retain controls for long-hood forward operation.

The last locomotive in the unusual lash-up was Camp Chase Railway GP9R No. 4618, a Grand Trunk Western, Battle Creek, Mich.-shops rebuild that will travel to the Camp Chase Railway in Columbus, Ohio.

Trailing the unveiling special was Peoria & Eastern painted caboose 21499, formerly used as the company’s office.
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