Colorado Front Range passenger service possibilities percolate

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Pueblo, Colo.
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PUEBLO, Colo. — The Front Range Rail Commission has taken a big step in its goal of bringing expanded passenger rail service to the Interstate 25 corridor. For the first time, the group has presented a plan detailing its efforts to the Colorado state legislature's Joint Transportation Committee.

Commission members recommend that as a next step in facilitating rail travel between Trinidad, Colo., and Fort Collins, the Colorado legislature should help build public interest, identify an ideal route, and investigate potential operators and builders. The committee instructed the commission to present draft legislation by Dec. 1.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace tells the Pueblo Chieftain that the project's designers will have to conduct extensive research to determine exactly how the train might best serve residents' needs. And, there isn't clear data at the moment to determine whether the Denver station would be most effectively located downtown or at Denver International Airport.

Pace also said that he doesn't think a Hyperloop One system proposed to link the same region will provide much competition if it is also built. There's even a chance, he said, that the two networks might complement each other.

Hyperloop One is a proposal from billionaire inventor Elon Musk that would build near-vacuum tubes to move people or goods by magnetic levitation long distances at high speeds.

"One thing that is helpful with the Hyperloop studies that are going on are mobility needs and passenger travel needs, and so we see it as something that is complementary and not competitive in nature,” Pace said.

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