Talgo to rebuild remainder of LA Metro's A650 cars

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LOS ANGELES — During the Oct. 26 regular meeting of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board, board members exercised the option to have Talgo overhaul the remaining 36 of the 74 heavy rail vehicles for $18.3 million.

On Sept. 22, Metro awarded a contract to Talgo for $72.9 million for the overhaul of 74 A650 heavy rail vehicles. The contract included a base order of 38 cars and an option for 36 additional cars. The goal of the overhaul work is to improve the performance of the Metro Red Line A650 vehicles by replacing or overhauling critical vehicle systems and subsystems.

The "...decision enables Talgo to expand its production base and provides Metro with economies of scale for the rest of the A650 fleet," says Talgo’s U.S. subsidiary CEO Antonio Perez.

Talgo ramped up work when the first vehicle from Metro arrived to the company's Milwaukee, Wis., facility on June 15. Talgo is currently in the engineering phase of the project, and work is expected to start in April 2018.

"Talgo's team is working diligently and in close coordination with Metro to ensure that we meet their expectations and increase the safety, availability and reliability of Metro's’s Red Line Fleet” Talgo Project Manager Ferran Canals says.

— A Talgo news release. Nov. 1, 2017.
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