Study labels New York City with the best transit in the US

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NEW YORK CITY — A newly released study conducted by the urban planning company Arcadis ranked the New York City area’s public transportation system number one in terms of sustainability.

“Transportation in American cities is focused around the car and that’s hurting sustainability,” said Jasper de Lange, the transportation projects manager at Arcadis. “New York City has to put more of its dollars toward transportation and building an even more comprehensive network.”

Arcadis’ study gave the NYC system particularly high praise for “connectivity,” citing the many different routes that connect more remote areas such as Long Island and New Jersey to the city’s center and the system’s route-the-clock service.

That anyone could find a reason to compliment the public transportation network comes as a surprise to many New Yorkers. The New York Post countered the study’s results with a long list of the system’s shortcomings, including “numerous derailments at Penn Station, its tardiness in completing $100 million in road projects that has caused crippling traffic around [John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia International airports], and subway delays that cost residents as much as $389 million a year in lost wages and productivity.”

Arcadis’ study compared New York to 22 other American cities and 100 in total around the world. The results put New York’s transportation system in 23rd place, globally. The systems serving Hong Kong, Zurich, and Paris came in first, second, and third.

New York City's transit system includes the Long Island and Metro-North railroads, the New York City subway system, bus system, NJ Transit, Port Authority of New York-New Jersey trains, among other agencies.

See the New York Post article online.
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