Iowa Interstate takes on geometry car to test tracks

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PEORIA, Ill. — It's annual check-up time for Iowa Interstate's tracks.

The Iowa shortline railroad leased Canadian National's track geometry train and brought it on the railroad to inspect track from Bureau Junction to Peoria, Ill., on Oct. 31. The CN had used the train to inspect its trackage in western Iowa, turning the train set over to the Iowa Interstate on Friday, Oct. 27. The train runs once per year over the Iowa Interstate tracks.

The train consisted of Iowa Interstate GP38 No. 707, Illinois Central GP40R No. 3118 in Illinois Central ''Deathstar'' black, CN engineering test car 414852 and CN Test Track Evaluation System car 1057, the Daphne. The CN had technicians aboard the train assisting an Iowa Interstate roadmaster as they logged defects and placed slow orders on the line between Bureau Junction and Peoria. Engineer Eddie Brown, the most senior engineer on the IAIS, ran the train. Brown is also the last former Rock Island employee still working for the Iowa Interstate.

As of 1 p.m., the No. 707 had been cutoff and the train awaits a Tazewell & Peoria Railroad crew to move the train from the Limit Yard north of Peoria to North Pekin where it will be re-crewed by CN and inspect the former IC Peoria District between Pekin and Decatur, Ill.
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