New Brunswick oil company pleads guilty to Lac-Mégantic mislabeling

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Burned out tank cars in what remained in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, in July 2013, after a Montreal, Maine & Atlantic runaway train derailed and caught fire in the town, killing 47 people. The oil company that shipped the crude oil pleaded guilty to charges it failed to properly mark and account for the oil.
Transportation Safety Board of Canada
SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick — The Canadian Press reports that Irving Oil has been fined $4 million dollars after pleading guilty to 34 charges related to the 2013 oil train derailment and disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.

Transport Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police levied the charges as a result of their investigation into the derailment of a runaway oil train that killed 47 people and destroyed much of the city’s downtown.

Canadian prosecutors say that from November 2012 leading up to the accident in July 2013, Irving Oil fell afoul of Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act by failing to properly classify the crude oil it moved by rail as a hazardous material and failing to keep accurate waybills on board their trains. The company also failed to properly train its employees on the handling and movement of hazardous goods, the Press reports.

As a result of the guilty verdict, a provincial court judge ordered Irving Oil to pay more than $400,000 in fines. The remaining $3.6 million dollars will be used to bring the company into compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and to fund research into safety standards.

"Today, we close another chapter in this tragic event," Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said in a Thursday statement after the company's sentencing was announced.

A Quebec jury, meanwhile, continues to listen to testimony in the trial of three former Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway railroaders criminally charged in the deaths at Lac-Mégantic. The trial is expected to last several more weeks.

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