MTA to ban alcohol advertising

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NEW YORK CITY — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board has voted to ban alcohol advertising on its buses, subways, and at stations, the New York Times reports.

The ban will begin in January 2018, and comes after years of lobbying by citizens and advocacy groups.

“Alcohol advertisements on the MTA are disproportionately targeting communities of color, lower-income communities, and also young people,” says Jazmin Rivera, a Building Alcohol Ad-Free Transit representative.

It isn’t the first time the transit agency has banned advertising with controversial subject matter. In 1992, MTA banned advertisements featuring tobacco products, and in 2015, they put a moratorium on political content.

MTA says it will honor existing contracts featuring alcohol products through the end of 2017. The agency expects to lose about $2 million dollars by ending alcohol ads, but officials called that “a miniscule sum” compared to their $15.5-billion operating budget.

Joseph J. Lhota, an MTA spokesperson, told the Times that other customers will quickly replace the alcohol manufacturers.

“When advertisers understand that we have approximately 1.6 million people every single day through the system — it’s a fabulous place to advertise,” Lhota says.

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