CSX-served Baltimore coal terminal exporting more in 2017

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BALTIMORE — The CSX Transportation-owned Curtis Bay Coal Piers in the Port of Baltimore is one of two coal export terminals in the Maryland city set to take advantage of America’s growing coal export tonnage, the Baltimore Sun reports. In 2017, the port shipped about one million tons of coal a month, a striking increase on 2016’s volume that demonstrates a nationwide rebound in coal exports.

U.S. coal exports are on pace to finish 2017 up 19 percent from the previous year, the Energy Information Administration has reported. This growth is being explained by foreign coal mine outages, supply chain problems, and rising demand abroad that have left customers looking for new sources.

The 61 million tons exported by the country in 2016 amounted to less than a quarter of its coal export capacity, according to the EIA.

CSX does not release projections by terminal, but the railroad expects to export 30 million tons of coal from four U.S. ports, including Baltimore. The company has seen a 40-percent increase in coal exports in the first half of the year. CSX exports metallurgical coal, used in steel-making and thermal coal for heating. Overall export coal volumes for CSX have increased as global supply levels and pricing conditions extended strong demand for U.S. coal exports, particularly in the metallurgical portfolio, the newspaper reports, citing railroad officials.

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