Amtrak dome car returns to 'Downeaster' for a few weeks

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BRUNSWICK, Maine — Amtrak’s Great Dome passenger car has returned to the Downeaster train and will be part of the consist through much of September, the Coastal Journal reports.

The Ocean View, the last full-length dome in regular Amtrak service, returned to the Downeaster’s Brunswick-Boston service on Aug. 19 and will be part of the train through Sept. 24 on two round trips each day between Brunswick, Maine, and Boston.

Monday through Friday, the dome car will be on southbound trains 682 and 688 and on northbound trains 683 and 689. On Saturday, the car will be assigned to southbound train Nos. 692 and 696, and northbound train Nos. 693 and 697. On Sunday, the car will be a part of southbound trains 690 and 698 and their northbound counterparts, train Nos. 691 and 699.

No advanced reservations are required, however Amtrak personnel recommend boarding early as seating is limited.

Amtrak acquired the great dome passenger car from the Burlington Northern Railroad, the successor to the Great Northern and Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroads. The car was built by Budd Co. for Great Northern's Empire Builder in 1955.

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