CP says it’s ready for the upcoming harvest season

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CALGARY, Alberta — Canadian Pacific is gearing up for the fast approaching 2017-2018 crop season through several infrastructure investments and strategies to improve operations.

According to the railroad, more than 75 percent of CP’s grain business will use its dedicated train program this harvest season. The program, known as DTP, is a resource providing customers with better clarity and control of railcar supply. For this harvest season, the railroad will expand the program’s capabilities to include better cycle times and efficiency by making sure locomotives are available once grain cars are loaded.

The railroad is also transitioning to a supply chain-focused method capable of loading, transporting, and unloading 8,500-foot-long, 134-car unit trains bound for export terminals.

In collaboration with grain shippers and port operators, the unit trains allows railroads, grain elevators, and ports to increase throughput and use all of their available resources, according to the railroad.

As for infrastructure, the railroad has invested in longer sidings and track upgrades to accommodate longer trains.

According to CP, the new 134-car unit trains will be able to move 20 percent more grain than the previous 112-car unit grain trains.

As the harvest season ramps up, the railroad will publish its weekly supply chain scoreboard on a new webpage dedicated to grain shipments.

See the news release online.

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