Trans-Siberian Railway extension could cost up to $7.6 billion

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The Trans Siberian Railway connects Moscow, Russia, with Beijing, China, through a transcontinental network spanning more than 5,700 miles.
Trans Siberian Railway website
VIENNA, Austria — Plans to extend the Trans-Siberian Railway from Kosice in Slovakia to Vienna, Austria, could cost as much as $7.6 billion U.S. dollars, reports Russian news agency Tass.

Construction on the 250-mile extension could begin in 2023 and when operational, project leaders say up to 20,000 trains could operate annually on the four-foot 11 and twenty-seven thirty seconds-inch broad-gauge line to central Europe.

The project stems from a 2009 joint venture between railroad operators in Austria, Russia, Ukraine, and Slovakia who share the same vision for extending passenger rail service from Kosice to the Slovakian city of Bratislava and then into Vienna.

The Trans Siberian Railway’s existing system extends more than 5,700 miles and is the main transcontinental railroad through Russia. The line, which has right-of-way segments dating back to the late 1800s, has connecting rail divisions into large and small European and Asian cities with extensive passenger rail travel options throughout those regions.

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