North Carolina museum picks up one Tuscan red coach from NS

Top prices for a single locomotive or passenger car exceeded $250,000
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ROANOKE, Va. — All five Norfolk Southern passenger cars up for auction last week now have new homes.

Only limited information is available on the Tuscan red passenger coaches' winning bidders, but Trains News Wire confirmed with sources close to the Aug. 17 auction confirm that the North Carolina Transportation Museum at Spencer, N.C., was one winning bidder.

Prices for the cars ranged from $160,000 to $275,000. The highest bid was for NS No. 47, the Louisiana.

In addition to the passenger cars, Norfolk Southern auctioned 56 1970s-era GP38-2 locomotives with high-hood arrangements to undisclosed bidders. The range of bids on those locomotives was $72,500 to $255,000. The high bid came in for No. 5157 built in 1974. Several MP15s, one BP4 batter slug, and one RP20CD slug were pulled from the auction before it began.

See the auctioned equipment online.

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