MBTA releases data on Fairmount Line service

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BOSTON — The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is discussing the findings of a study that offered free service on its Fairmount Line for two weeks in May 2017.

For much of mid-May, the agency, in partnership with other businesses, organizations, and political officials, offered free rides on its Fairmount Line. The purpose of the campaign was to promote the line for prospective riders to use the line in the future.

MBTA officials say ridership rose during the two-week period, but that they chose not extend after the sponsored service expired. During the first week of the campaign, the number of weekday rides increased by about 25 percent, or about 550 one-way trips per day or 14 passengers per train.

The second week of the free-fare period logged an increase of 44 percent from the week before the program started. That equates to approximately 1,000 additional one-way trips per day or 25 more passengers per train.

MBTA conductors performed manual counts for an entire weekday once during the week prior to the program, twice during the program, and once after the program had ended. All of the data was collected on Wednesdays for consistency, according to the agency.

MBTA leaders say the recent campaign will allow them to fine tune the line’s full potential going forward.

The Fairmount Line is a 9.2-mile rail corridor extending from Boston’s South Station to suburbs located southwest of the city.

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