Valley Metro to expand light rail, streetcar fleet

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PHOENIX — Valley Metro managers have authorized the purchase of new light rail vehicles and streetcars in advance of planned service expansions and the startup of the city's first streetcar system. The agency has chosen Siemens to build 11 S70 light rail vehicles across a seven-year period for use on current light rail tracks and on future extensions. The contract, which is valued at $57.9 million, gives the agency the opportunity to purchase up to 67 additional vehicles.

In addition to the Siemens order, Valley Metro has also picked Brookville Equipment Corp. to manufacture six off-wire capable, battery propulsion streetcars during a three-year period. The contract is valued at about $33 million. The agency's Tempe Streetcar project is a three-mile streetcar route that would loop around the streets of downtown Tempe. Construction is slated to start in June and the new service is scheduled to launch in 2020. 

According to the agency, expanding the light rail fleet is needed for anticipated growth in future ridership along the current 26-mile system, as well as expansion of service with the opening of the Gilbert Road extension in 2019 and several extensions planned to open through 2026.

As the agency looks to grow its rail transit system, it announced it would also look to expand its storage tracks and operations and maintenance centers to accommodate the new equipment.

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