Trespassers snarl 'Flying Scotsman' tour in Britain

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The Flying Scotsman
National Railway Museum
GLOUCESTER, England — Despite repeated warnings from British Transport Police and the deployment of extra security staff and even a helicopter, trespassers have snarled the Flying Scotsman’s recent tour of Britain.

BBC News reports that the issue of trespassing has gotten so bad that organizers are now withholding parts of the tour schedule from the public. Last week, British law enforcement warned that anyone caught trespassing to see the iconic 4-6-2 locomotive on its nation-wide tour this spring would be fined $1,300 or even arrested.
But British Transport Police’s Senior Media Relations Officer Connie Primmer tells Trains News Wire that the warnings have not been enough. In one of the worst incidents over the weekend, Transport Police found more than 50 people trespassing on or near the right-of-way at the Cam and Dursley station, about 100 miles west of London.

“It is incredibly disappointing that despite repeated warnings, people chose to risk their lives and the lives of others by going onto the railway tracks to view the Flying Scotsman,” Primmer says. “We understand that people are excited, but the railway is a hazardous environment and trespassers endanger their safety and that of others.”
The Flying Scotsman is set to run across much of the United Kingdom through October. Primmer tells Trains News Wire that law enforcement will continue their efforts to keep the public safe.

“We will monitor the situation as the Flying Scotsman continues its journey. Police are proactively patrolling to support the Flying Scotsman and anyone found trespassing could be prosecuted,” Primmer says. “We would like to remind everyone once again that trespassing can kill. It is simply not worth the risk.”

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