Brits deploy helicopter, additional security to keep Flying Scotsman fans at bay

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Flying Scotsman arriving in York, England, on Feb. 25, 2016.
courtesy: National Railway Museum
EDINBURGH, Scotland — British law enforcement officials are deploying additional security and even a helicopter to spot trespassers this week as the world famous Flying Scotsman tours Scotland.

Last year, when the iconic 4-6-2 Pacific-type locomotive made its first trip to Scotland following a lengthy restoration, the rights-of-way there were swamped with hundreds of trespassers hoping to get a closer look at the locomotive. Network Rail had to pay thousands of dollars due to delayed trains that had to slow down because of all the people. Law enforcement now say anyone caught trespassing with have to pay a $1,300 fine.

"We understand that the return of Flying Scotsman is an exciting event. However, we want you to view the iconic steam train safely, and there are lots of safe places to see it and take photographs,” British Transportation Police Chief Inspector Sue Maxwell tells the BBC.

Transport police were also keeping a close eye on the sky, telling drone operators that they are not allowed to fly within 150 feet of the locomotive. Last year, during one of its first excursions, the Flying Scotsman’s train was struck by a low flying drone.

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