Restoration work completed on LA Union Station Harvey House

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LOS ANGELES — Restoration work on the Art Deco former Harvey House Restaurant at Los Angeles Union Station has been completed, the Curbed Los Angeles website reported. The restaurant, along with LA Union Terminal, opened in 1939. Mary Jane Colter, who designed several other Harvey Houses along the Santa Fe Railway, designed the restaurant. She also did extensive design work in national parks across the West.

The restaurant’s mezzanine level had been boarded up and used as offices. After a seven-month restoration led by Morlin Asset Management and project contractors Skanska, the entryways are open again, allowing for a clear view between the restaurant floor and the balcony.

The original cork ceiling tiles were stained from cigarette smoke. Too delicate to be cleaned with a cleaning solution, years of accumulated soot were carefully vacuumed off. The light fixtures were recreated from the drawings of the original fixtures. A clock, stolen 30 years ago from its spot on a metal railing, was recreated from original blueprints.

The three-story-tall ceiling is painted with a geometric design. The floor tiles together create a pattern resembling a Navajo rug. The former Harvey House is set to become a pub, though an opening date has not been set.

The mezzanine will be used separately from the restaurant. Kenneth Pratt, Metro’s director of property management for Union Station, says it will be used exclusively by commuter agency Metro for its functions, meetings, and possible rental to outside groups for similar events.

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