Three Class I railroads send trains to the Masters golf tournament

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Augusta, Ga.
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AUGUSTA, Ga. — Norfolk Southern, BNSF Railway, and CSX Transportation have dispatched executive trains to the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta. The trains are run for the benefit of shippers and other guests of the railroads, with the primary purpose of providing overnight accommodations to the guests.

The Masters is one of the most storied golf tournaments in the world, and is considered one of the “majors” during the golf season. The history of the tournament, beauty of the grounds, and high level of competition among the world’s most male elite players make the Masters a grand event for players and patrons alike.

In the first half of the 20th century, railroads frequently ran special trains to major sports events. Trains carried sports fans because they were the most efficient way to bring a large number of people to the event, and to get them home afterward. These trains outnumbered the “executive” trains, but were an impressive sight to see, spotted on tracks near the event.
Today, special sports event trains for the general public have all but disappeared.

This year's trains include:

Norfolk Southern, arrived April 1.
  • NS No. 4270 F9-A Locomotive
  • NS No. 4276 F7-B Locomotive
  • NS No. 4275 F7-B Locomotive
  • NS No. 4271 F7-A Locomotive
  • NS 39 Power Car
  • NS 1 Virginia 800770, Office car
  • NS 2 Carolina 800773, Sleeper
  • NS 4 Michigan 800356 Office car
  • NS 14 Missouri, Sleeper
  • NS 13 Georgia 800784, Sleeper
  • NS 5 Maryland 800221, Office car
  • NS 20 Ohio 800774, Office car
  • NS 9 Alabama 800769, Sleeper
  • NS 7 Pennsylvania, Office car
  • NS 3 Claytor Lake 800771, Office Car
  • NS 12 Indiana 800772, Sleeper
  • NS 11 Illinois 800782, Sleeper
  • NS 24 Delaware 800777, Full-length dome car
  • NS 21 West Virginia 800775, Diner
  • NS 18 New Orleans 800783, Diner
  • NS 19 Kentucky 800773, Diner
  • NS 23 Buena Vista 800776, Theater-inspection
  • RPCX Sandy Creek 800321, Bobtail observation car
BNSF Railway, arrived April 2.
  • BNSF No. 8080 ES44C4 Locomotive
  • BNSF 51 Mt. Ranier 800381, Power car
  • BNSF 66 Cajon Pass 800663, Sleeper
  • BNSF 63 Glorieta Pass, Sleeper
  • BNSF 3 Red River 800185, Sleeper
  • BNSF 67 Trinchera Pass 800667, Sleeper
  • BNSF 4 Missouri River 800271, Diner
  • BNSF 35 Canyon View 800883, Dome-observation-lounge
  • BNSF 6 Topeka 800648, Office car
  • BNSF 1 Gerald Grinstein 800294, Office car

CSX Transportation, arrived April 4.
  • CSX No. 9992 F40PH-2 Locomotive
  • CSX No. 9999 F40PH-2 Locomotive
  • CSX Illinois 994350, Sleeper
  • CSX Kentucky 994363, Equipment car-dormitory
  • CSX Baltimore 994317, Office car
  • CSX North Carolina 994300, Office car
  • CSX Waycross 994307, Office car
  • CSX Tennessee 994525, Office car
  • CSX New York 994010, Office car
  • CSX Ohio 994500, Diner
  • CSX Pennsylvania 994011, Sleeper
  • CSX Indiana 994315, Sleeper
  • CSX Mississippi 994008, Sleeper
  • CSX Michigan 994012, Sleeper
  • CSX West Virginia 994310, Baggage-dormitory-observation

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