First lawsuit filed from a Hoboken Terminal crash victim

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Wreckage in the Hoboken (N.J.) Terminal shown in an image from the National Transportation Safety Board.
National Transportation Safety Board
NEWARK, N.J. — A 66-year-old New Jersey man has become the first person to sue NJ Transit following the recent wreck in Hoboken that killed one person and injured dozens of others.

Sheldon Kest has been riding the railroad for more than 50 years and lost part of his middle finger in the Sept. 29 crash when an inbound commuter train crashed through the station. He also received multiple deep cuts to his head and face.

"I need to know, and the public has the right to know, why did it happen? How did it happen? And who should be held accountable so it doesn't happen again?" Kest says. “I've been riding trains and transit vehicles for more than 50 years, but I don't know when I'll be able to board another train. Right now I'm anxious even to ride in a car. I continue to struggle with the horrific memories of this tragedy."

Tom Kline of Kline & Specter P.C. is one of two firms representing Kest and is one of the firms that sued Amtrak on behalf of the victims of the May 2015 wreck in Philadelphia.

"It is distressing but understandable that as the accidents, injuries and deaths increase, the public's confidence remains shaken in rail operators, nationally and locally,” Kline says.
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