Sumwalt reflects on 10 years at safety board

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Robert L. Sumwalt
National Transportation Safety Board
WASHINGTON — Reflecting on 10 years as part of the National Transportation Safety Board, board member Robert Sumwalt says in a media release that the agency gives “a voice to those who don’t have a voice—the victims and their families of transportation accidents.”

Sumwalt praised the dedication and hard work of the NTSB staff, and noted the transparency of agency activities.

“Independence is one of our greatest virtues because it allows the agency to conduct investigations and explore safety issues without being encumbered by actual or perceived political pressures” Sumwalt says. “As I’ve often said, our independence allows us to call it the way we see it.

“To put it simply, I’m so proud to be part of this agency. Our mission, independence, transparency, and people are all so important. I’m honored to have served with them for the past 10 years.”

President George W. Bush nominated and the U.S. Senate confirmed Sumwalt to a five-year term in 2006. President Barack Obama nominated him for a second term in 2011. Sumwalt's current term expires at the end of 2016. Before becoming a board member, Sumwalt was aviation manager for SCANA Corp. The National Transportation Safety Board is the primary accident investigation agency for all U.S. aviation crashes. Safety board investigators also inspect certain higher profile train wrecks.

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