These 'toasters' are history

A brief gallery of photos from Amtrak's farewell train for the AEM 7 locomotive class on June 18
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Double-headed "toasters," as Amtrak AEM 7s were affectionately known, move at speed through Halethorpe, Md., on Saturday, June 18, for the last time.
Bob Edmonson
WILMINGTON, Del. — AEM 7 locomotives, those boxy, stainless steel, electric passenger car pullers graced Northeast Corridor rails for decades. Now they are going the way of the famed Pennsylvania Railroad GG1, that the AEM 7 fleet replaced. Railfans clustered as best as they could on June 18 to catch a glimpse of a special double-headed farewell train with a layover in Wilmington for a tour of the Amtrak shops in that city. Commuter railroads in Baltimore and Philadelphia are expected to retire their remaining AEM 7 locomotives in the next several years.
Amtrak's Beech Grove observation car No. 10001 brought up the rear of the AEM 7 farewell train on Saturday, June 18.
Brian Schmidt
A double-headed AEM 7 farewell train pauses for a tour of the Amtrak shops in Wilmington, Del., on June 18.
Brian Schmidt
Amtrak's AEM 7 farewell train passes through Seabrook, Md., on June 18.
Bob Edmonson
A line of AEM 7s in storage at Amtrak's Wilmington, Del., shops on June 18.
Brian Schmidt

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