Caltrain to roll out six-car train sets Monday

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SAN FRANCISCO – Beginning May 11, Caltrain will add an extra car to each Bombardier-type train set currently in operation. The sixth car will provide an additional 150 seats and increased standing room during peak-hour commutes.

Caltrain purchased 16 used cars from Metrolink earlier this year in response to the growth in demand and significant overcrowding on many of its peak hour trains.

The six-car trains will be assigned to the most popular trains during peak periods, but will operate during other times of the day as well.

Following four years of consecutive monthly ridership increases, Caltrain ridership has grown to more than 61,000 average weekday riders during the peak period, with several rush hour trains operating at or beyond available capacity.

Caltrain was able to put four of the 16 cars into service almost immediately, following some maintenance and minor repair and conversion work. The other 12 cars require more extensive repair work and will be rolled into service, as they are ready.

Additional work includes converting a number of the new cars to accommodate bicycle storage. When the conversion project is complete, Caltrain will add a third bike car to Bombardier train sets bringing the total number of bike spaces available on those sets to 72. The agency hopes to bring additional bike cars online within the next year.

There are some stations where passengers will be impacted as a result of the additional car. In Sunnyvale, the longer trains will block the southernmost pedestrian crossings, while in Santa Clara southbound trains will not be able to open the doors to the car closest to the locomotive for safety reasons.

Future Caltrain capacity improvements will include electrifying the system and improving platforms to accommodate longer trains and level boarding.

The equipment received an initial overhaul to ensure that it was compatible with Caltrain’s existing cars. The second planned phase of work will include sending them offsite to be converted to bike cars or rehabilitated as necessary. They will also receive new paint and signage to match the rest of the Caltrain fleet.

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