Central California Traction acquires two genset locomotives

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The two BL12CG locomotives rest at Brookville's Pennsylvania facility in March 2015.
Brookville Equipment Corp.
STOCKTON, Calif. – Central California Traction, has acquired two new Tier-4 two-engine BL12CG gen-set locomotives from Brookville Equipment Corp., Nos. 1201 and 1202. The short line will use the low-emissions switchers along its two corridors, including the Stockton Public Belt Railroad network (55.9 miles) and the Central Valley Branch (14.9 miles) with service from Stockton to Lodi and Sacramento.

Each of the two 132-ton BL12CG locomotives features twin Cummins 600 hp, six-cylinder engines that comply with EPA Tier-4 emissions regulations and are mated to independent three-phase Marathon alternators. The BL12CGs feature a wide cab design with a sideways-stationed operator control stand.

“CCT has had great results with (No.) 2101, the Tier-3 three-engine BL21CG locomotive, seeing a 53 percent reduction in fuel use, and CCT has had great customer support by all the team at Brookville with our current engine and the building of these two locomotives,” General Manager Dave Buccolo says.

The locomotives include a 26L air brake system, automatic engine start and stop to reduce idling times, and D78 traction motors mounted on each axle of the rebuilt two-axle trucks.

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