Bombardier halts production on Montreal transit cars

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MONTREAL – Bombardier has informed its employees that production will be halted for about six months on the fleet of new cars in production for the Montreal Metro, system and that they will be laid-off during that period. While no one from either Bombardier nor the Société de Transport de Montréal, operator of the city's transit system, could be reached for comment, one source intimately connected with the project has said that the stoppage has been brewing for months, and is related to the fleet's control system.

This is not the first problem for the new train sets.

Dubbed "Azur," the first completed train set was unveiled amid much fanfare at the Bombardier facility in La Pocatiére in November 2013, three years after a contract was signed. Originally expected to gradually enter service starting in 2014, only the completed test train, moved by truck from La Pocatiere to Montreal one car at a time, has made nocturnal trial trips on a portion of the system's orange line after it was found that the new trains would not clear a 200-foot portion of the tunnel at the western end of that line; a problem since rectified by grinding the tunnel to fit.

Earlier in the project, it was disclosed that new new substations would have to be built on the system in order to provide enough power for the higher consumption train sets after an agency plan to disconnect some traction motors on each consist was found to be unfeasible.

It is not known at this time what additional impact the production stoppage will have on the markedly different equipment's entering revenue service.

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