Trains News Wire EXCLUSIVE: Tacoma Rail acquires two SD70ACe-P4s

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TMBL 7001 Tacoma Washington Steve Carter photo
Tacoma Rail No. 7001 sits outside Progress Rail’s Tacoma shop in fresh paint on Sept. 2.
Steve Carter
TACOMA, Wash. – Tacoma Rail will soon become the latest short line to operate AC locomotives when the railroad takes delivery of two EMD SD70ACe-P4s from EMD. The two locomotives, EMDX Nos. 1211 and 1212 were once part of EMDs demonstrator fleet, which the company is slowly purging with the oncoming Tier 4 emissions regulations that will render the fleet surplus.

The two locomotives were routed to Progress Rail’s Tacoma facility earlier this summer for repainting prior to delivery. Tacoma Rail No. 7001 was spotted outside Progress Rail yesterday in fresh paint this week. The locomotive was former EMDX No. 1211.

The two SD70ACe-P4s will initially be leased with an option to purchase. Tacoma Rail’s SD70ACe-P4s have the distinction of being the first two SD70ACe-P4s produced new.

The departure of these locomotives leaves only two remaining demonstrators in EMD’s fleet, SD70ACe-P4 EMDX No. 1207 and SD70ACe-P6 EMDX No. 4223.

The SD70ACe-P4 is EMD’s solution to provide an AC traction alternative that is equal to or better than the performance of the company’s SD70M-2 that uses six DC traction motors. The six-axle SD70ACe-P4 uses four AC traction motors and two idler axles nearest to the fuel tank.

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