Canadian Pacific disposing of former Soo Line SD60s

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2011 October 27 008
No. 6050 at St. Paul, Minn.
Steve Glischinski
CALGARY, Alberta – Canadian Pacific is disposing of the last of its fleet of former Soo Line SD60s and SD60Ms, offering 42 units for sale, lease or lease with buyout option. Thirty-three of the units were rebuilt between 2011 and 2013 at Cadrail in Lachine, Quebec, repainted in CP colors, and renumbered by adding a “2” to the number series. For example, Soo No. 6050 became CP No. 6250. They are part of an order of 63 SD60s and SD60Ms received by the Soo Line between 1987 and 1989, the last new locomotives ordered by the Soo prior to CP purchasing full control of the railroad in 1990. CP earlier returned to the lessor the other 25 units in the series.

"CP has been focused on getting more from our locomotives and cars. As a result, we are operating our railroad with fewer of both," spokesman Andy Cummings says. "That’s led us to seek expressions of interest for some surplus locomotives, including our SD60 fleet."

The locomotives are currently stored at several locations, with the main locations being Montreal (14), Toronto (7), Alyth Yard in Calgary (7), and Winnipeg (9).
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