Metrolink to buy new EMD passenger locomotives

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LOS ANGELES – The Metrolink board of directors approved the purchase of up to 20 new EMD passenger locomotives last Friday. The southern California commuter agency received bids from a number of companies interested in constructing the new locomotive, eventually choosing EMDs design due to a number of factors, such as overall cost savings and preferable contract terms.

The new four-axle F125 locomotives will be powered by a Caterpillar C175-20 prime mover, which will be the first EMD passenger locomotive to utilize a Caterpillar engine. The 20-cylinder engine will produce 4,700 hp. Caterpillar first announced the engine in April 2012. It is a larger version of the C175-16 engine currently found in Progress’ PR43C locomotives.

Metrolink’s order is for 10 locomotives, with an option for 10 additional units when and if funding is available. The first three locomotives are scheduled to begin testing on Metrolink in the fall of 2015. Each locomotive will cost approximately $6.3 million dollars.

EMD first announced the new passenger locomotive model in October 2011 at the American Public Transportation Association’s meeting in New Orleans. EMD last built 20-cylinder passenger locomotives in 1967 and 1968 when the FP45 and SDP45 were produced for a handful of railroads.
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