Amtrak lines up ‘heritage’ locomotives, prepares to celebrate 40 years

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Amtrak F40PH No. 406 rests at the head of the railroad's tour train at Washington Union Station on the railroad's 40th anniversary.
Bob Johnston
Amtrak's five paint schemes are on display at Ivy City Yard outside Washington Union Station on May 1.
Bob Johnston
WASHINGTON — Amtrak lined up five locomotives representing its current and historical paint schemes for a photo shoot as workers prepare to celebrate the railroad’s 40th anniversary. The railroad began operations on May 1, 1971, taking over passenger operations from most of the nation’s privately owned railroads.

Work on the heritage locomotives began earlier this year, with the first example, P42 No. 145, debuting Jan. 31. The railroad’s Beech Grove, Ind., shops painted the four heritage engines. P42 No. 148 represented the current “Phase V” scheme. No. 145 wasn’t present, but P40 No. 822 stood in its place to represent the 1979-era Phase III scheme. The shoot took place at Ivy City Yard outside Washington Union Station.

Meanwhile, F40PH No. 406, stripped of its prime mover and equipped with a new head-end power generator, sat at the head end of what will be the 40th anniversary display train at Washington Union Station. It’ll tour the country (with P40 No. 822 pulling initially) starting next weekend, and will serve as a “non-powered control unit” on push-pull trains when its tour is complete.

Also part of the tour train will be Café 85999; display cars 10095, 10094, and 10093; and sleeping car/lounge Pacific Bend No. 10020 (for the train’s crew).

Today is Amtrak’s employee appreciation day at Union Station. Public events marking the anniversary begin Saturday, National Train Day, at stations across the country.

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