Brookville Equipment builds road diesel for Connecticut DOT

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BROOKVILLE, Pa. - After constructing a 132-ton BL20GH locomotive for Connecticut's Department of Transportation, locomotive manufacturer Brookville Equipment will build additional units for the state of Connecticut and for New York's Metro-North Railroad. The 2,000-hp locomotives are powered by MTU Detroit Diesel 12v4000 prime movers, and will be used in commuter service.

In all, the two agencies will get 12 BL20GHs. They represent the first of a new model from a builder better known for industrial switchers.

Brookville relies on parts from several builders. In addition to the MTU diesel, the four-axle units will contain a Kato main traction motor, Blomberg trucks, and a Caterpillar head-end power system for heat and lighting in commuter cars.

The engines for the Connecticut Department of Transportation will be painted in the former New Haven Railroad's red, white, and black - the scheme worn by the state's other commuter engines. A photo is available at:

Connecticut Department of Transportation helps underwrite commuter service on Metro-North's New Haven Line (including the diesel-powered Danbury and Waterbury branches) and the diesel-powered Shore Line East commuter trains between New Haven and New London. Diesel-powered Metro-North trains operate on the far reaches of the Hudson and Harlem Lines and two West of Hudson routes.
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