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Locomotive 2017

The Locomotive 2017 annual issue takes a comprehensive look at the most powerful locomotives in North America with compelling stories and spectacular photography.

The Motive Power Review includes the latest news, trends, and developments in locomotive technology, as well as an exclusive listing of every new locomotive built and major rebuilds!

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One Whitcomb's final journey

A World War II US Army locomotive to travel the ocean (again) to be near old battlefields
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Hornell officials give Alstom 'high ball' to keep expanding

HORNELL, N.Y. — Alstom's plans to expand and modify its manufacturing plant in Upstate New York have taken a leap forward now that more local government officials have given their blessings. The Hornell Evening-Tribune reports that Hornell city planning board members approved the France-based company erecting three new buildings on the site of former Erie Railroad shops. Those buildings are a 34,800-square-foot test building, a 27,000-square-foot "end cycle" building, and a 3,400-square-f...

GE to cut $20 billion from its businesses

BOSTON — GE officials seek to cut more than $20 billion worth of businesses from the industrial conglomerate's portfolio within the next two years, the Wall Street Journal reports. Journal reporters cite third quarter earnings statements from the locomotive and jet engine maker which slash the company's cash-flow outlook by $5- to $7-billion. GE managers have cut $1.2 billion in costs from business units so far this year, surpassing the original $1-billion goal. In earlier reports, GE CE...


Streamliners at Spencer
Streamliners line up around the turntable.


Locomotive 2017 issue preview

The Locomotive 2017 100-page annual issue takes a comprehensive look at the most powerful locomotives in North America with compelling stories and spectacular photography. Check out this free video preview!...

Trains News Wire Round-Up for Sept. 29

On this week's Trains News Wire Round-Up, Associate Editors David Lassen and Steve Sweeney discuss all the rail news that's fit to publish including a proposed merger between Siemens' mobility division and Alstom; a verbal kerfuffle between India and GE; a legal reprieve for the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, and more. Only from Trains!...

Locomotive 2017 DVD preview

Get a sneak peek at our new Locomotive 2017 DVD! You'll see locomotives old and new from both Class I freight railroads and short lines, and passenger carriers, too! Be sure to check out the Locomotive 2017 annual, too!...
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New Locomotive Construction
Check out our updated roster of new locomotives.

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