May 2019

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  • Miscalculations
    • Governor says California will scale back its high speed rail plans. Here's why
  • What's next
    • California will complete initial 160 miles of high speed system; the rest is in limbo
  • Antennas galore
    • How railroads make the most of rooftop real estate
  • Congress: Run a national network
    • Appropriation requirements at odds with current cost-cutting efforts


From the Editor

Railroading's fable in the desert | May 10, 1869, is a date that will be forever celebrated as long as people remember the Promontory story


Comments from our readers


Big Boy No. 4014 emerges | Countdown to May operations is on as Union Pacific completes the dream of many


Hot spot: Prairie du Chien, Wis. | Three railroads, two rivers, and countless vantage points for train-watching

Ask Trains

Rear-facing locomotives, positive train control and GPS, coil cars


The beauty and complexity of trains in the snow.


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