March 2017

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  • One shot shows (almost) all you need to know about Brightline
    • Sunlight helps the first-of-its-kind trainset strike the right pose the moment it hits home rails
  • One word: Plastics
    • A boom in US shale gas means a creative use for intermodal containers along the Gulf Coast
  • Feds to step in after Class I labor negotiations break down
    • National Mediation Board to handle union railroad discussions
  • Different kind of unit tank train
    • The US military still moves heavy vehicles by train; the latest deployment was in November
  • Change at the top
    • Amtrak’s Moorman rearranges responsibilities in carrier’s latest reorganization
  • A 98-year wait is over
    • New York City opens Second Avenue Subway on New Year’s Eve; planners proposed it in 1919
  • The ‘forgettable’ year for freight railroading
    • Norfolk Southern came out on top in 2016 by losing the least amount of traffic
  • Good, and not-so-good, news
    • Moorman plans a short stay at Amtrak, but will seek a similar successor
  • What made us railfans
    • A spark lit before I entered kindergarten smoldered for several years. Then look out
  • Striving for speed in the real world
    • What will come of Massachusetts’ ‘high speed rail’ study?
  • Where diesels go to the doctor
    • Class I railroads perform heavy repairs at a handful of specialized repair centers across the nation
  • There’s a (transit) app for that
    • The latest apps help commuters choose routes, pay fares; CTA’s earned innovation honors
  • ‘Old’ PCCs are more modern than you think
    • Brookville disguises rear-facing cameras, GPS trackers, and fireproofing seals in classic shell
  • Moorman faces the music
    • New Amtrak chief says Northeast infrastructure is priority, but other issues loom


From the Editor

How do I live without you? | Twenty years ago, a hit country song asked that question. It’s an appropriate theme song for North American railroading’s traumatic post-coal traffic days. It also goes well with this special issue looking where the industry goes now after the failure of its bedrock traffic source.


No. 1309 moves toward completion | Change comes to preservation’s trade group

Hot Spots

Deep in the gorge | Lyle, Wash., offers beautiful scenery, river traffic, and lots of trains

Ask Trains

Turning passenger trains


150 facts about the Transcontinental Railroad.

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