April 2017

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  • Don’t bet against Hunter
    • After turnarounds at IC, CN, and CP, investors are eager for E. Hunter Harrison to work at CSX
  • Iowa Pacific: down, but not out
    • President Ellis says he’s working on new passenger ventures despite exit from ‘Hoosier State’ contract
  • Ladies and Gentlemen ...
    • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus train ends after 145 years
  • What it was like on board
    • Circus trainmasters share their thoughts about living with the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’
  • Circus cars are sound, but heavily altered inside
    • Expert warns potential buyers that circus cars were gutted for work
  • Strates Shows may pick up pace for 2017 schedule
    • Last rail-based carnival is unfazed by Ringling’s demise
  • The circus fades into history
    • Hurry, while you still can, for a last glimpse before it’s gone
  • Who will be our next Ike?
    • High speed passenger rail needs a True Believer. Could that be Donald J. Trump?
  • The American grade-crossing problem
    • Finding new solutions in the name of safety
  • Cloudy days for builders
    • When will the sun shine again for GE and Progress Rail?
  • BNSF aims high
    • Railroad at center of national research program speaks exclusively with Trains
  • Brightline readies for launch
    • Unveiling shows what’s ahead for Miami-West Palm Beach service
Check out a photo gallery of preparations for the new passenger service!


From the Editor

All in the well-trained family | Inspiration for our stories about railroad families (pages 24 and 34) comes from three sources: a reader whose family railroad history dates back 147 years and counts no less than 15 family members in railroading, a PBS program, and someone you know well — you.


When a steam tourist railway shuts down | Sandaoling, the last Alamo for steam

Hot Spots

Railroading in Streatorland | ‘Kodak’ returns to slide film

Ask Trains

Gantlet tracks | Grade crossing mystery | Amtrak scheduling
Big Boy

Big Boy

All about the world's biggest locomotive


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