July 2016

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  • Nixed for Norfolk
    • Bowing to an avalanche of opposition, Canadian Pacific ends its bid to acquire Norfolk Southern
  • Explaining the Surface Transportation Board
    • Board member Deb Miller discusses functions and future of the organization regulating railroads
  • Crossing woes for the Peavine
    • Arizona route leads list of most dangerous rail-road intersections
  • Track work alters corridor schedules
    • Summer projects mean changes for four Amtrak routes
  • Court says no to rules by Amtrak
    • Infrastructure capacity an issue
  • Goodbye to the system timetable
    • Amtrak drops print edition
  • Nothing ‘boring’ here
    • Switzerland’s new Gotthard Base Tunnel dwarfs all others
Avoiding a rail freight disaster
Hunter Harrison fought the good fight. He lost. Thank goodness
Inside the mind of Michael Ward
Think being a railroad CEO is easy? Try walking in their shoes
All about air horns
Two builders supply them. Minimum sound standards and where they're placed both matter
SC-44s on the horizon
Units are for California, Illinois, Maryland, and Washington

Glazing over a clear topic
Railroad glass: from standard silica to high-tech hiding in plain sight
Small companies, big affects
Railroad tech rests more often now on entrepreneurial firms

Small town stations in flux
Rural outposts lose staffing and checked baggage in digital age
Rocky Mountaineer turns over new GoldLeafs
Stadler to build 10 luxury bilevel domes in Germany and Switzerland


From the Editor

Commuter train envy | Commuter trains, the topic of our special report on pages 22-37, are no longer only for big cities. Just a few years ago they were for the heavily populated Northeast, Chicago, and a few other places. Now they're seemingly everywhere, but big gaps still remain across the country.


New Nashville sound: steam | Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis No. 576 has been on display 63 years

Hot Spots

North Dakota's unique short line | Rare EMDs rule on one Upper Midwest railroad

Ask Trains

Steam engine water treatment | Distributed power in Ohio
Big Boy

Big Boy

All about the world's biggest locomotive


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