March 2014

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All oiled up
By Fred W. Frailey
How railroads got back in the oil business, and why they aren't going away - ever
A day at the races
By David Lustig
A mainline fueling station is for those who hustle, because there's always another train coming along
Bellevue ahead
By Craig Sanders
An Ohio crossroads is set to become the heart of Norfolk Southern's northern region

Watch a video of train-watching in Bellevue.
Map of the Month: Baltimore yards and rail lines, 1948
By Bill Metzger
Ports and industry kept Baltimore's railroads busy
Waiting on speed
By Bob Johnston
Anemic development in U.S. high speed rail corridors resembles other countries' early beginnings
The diesel graveyard
By Robert W. Scott
The Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad's SD9 locomotives went away with no fanfare, no farewell, no wake
In My Own Words: Amateur night at Woodlawn
By Daniel Newman
As a towerman, I braced myself for the unexpected
News & Photos
  • Tank car safety: what is the right mix?
  • Perishables trains making fresh headway at CSX Transportation
  • Q&A: How Rails-to-Trails offers new activity for routes cast aside by the rail industry
  • BNSF Railway completes new Missouri River bridge in Plattsmouth, Neb.
  • Vermont Railway System unveils 50th anniversary paint scheme
  • Genesee & Wyoming purchases western portions of the former Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern
Don Phillips
The USA is a passenger-train joke: Amtrak is deteriorating even as more people want to ride
Fred W. Frailey
Positive train control: Oh, what a mess
  • Five years ago, if I'd told you what would transpire, you wouldn't have believed me
Inside Norfolk Southern's cab units: among the most technologically advanced streamliners around
Wayside detectors advancing fast: Right-of-way gadgets increasingly automate freight train inspection; boost understanding for railroads
Michigan readies line for 110 mph: how one state meets the challenges for upgrading to fast running
See a gallery of Michigan line improvements here
From the Editor
Finding the right solutions: inward facing cameras, positive train control, are the quick fixes or long-term answers?
Ask Trains
The scoop on auxiliary tenders; about locomotive formulas that railroads use to build a consist; a real, rare caboose
Alaska veteran to steam again: Consolidation No. 557 restoration focuses on key components
Tom Danneman's top 10 retreats: It's more about quality of location than quantity of trains for Trains art director
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