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Long Island Rail Road workers threaten strike

Published: January 30, 2014
NEW YORK – Long Island Rail Road unions have ramped up threats of a strike after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a contract with its police force that railroad labor leaders said is far more generous than what they’ve been offered, Newsday reports.

The MTA board approved the seven-year MTA Police contract, which calls for annual raises totaling 17 percent. The police force patrols the LIRR and Metro-North Railroad and the two agencies' respective stations and facilities.

Meanwhile, the MTA remains at an impasse with eight LIRR unions representing about 5,600 of its 6,000 laborers, even after a board of mediators appointed by President Barack Obama last month called on the authority to grant LIRR workers raises and give up its fight for various other union concessions.

Addressing MTA board members this week, Anthony Simon, general chairman of the United Transportation Union, the LIRR’s largest labor organization, congratulated the police union for its “well-deserved” deal.

“But, from our point of view, this continues to be a tough thing to swallow when they claim they can't pay their remaining workforce,” Simon says.

MTA chairman Thomas Prendergast says that because of some police concessions, including extending the time it takes for officers to achieve top pay and new overtime controls, the new contract will achieve the same three years of cost freezes that the MTA is seeking from LIRR unions.

The railroad unions can legally strike as early as March 21, unless the MTA requests a second Presidential Emergency Board of mediators. That would put off a strike until July.

Prendergast says the MTA is still “thinking through” its options, but is also preparing for a potential strike.
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5 stars
I see we have a Mountain Goose. William Hays. The MTA just approved a good pay raise and contract for the police. What bugs me is that the MTA is crying poverty for its other employees who are working for several years without a contract. The head of the MTA is threatening to raise fares or cut service, again. Maybe it's okay to do this in a right to work for less. But, not in NYC! In New York State though, they have something called, The Taylor Law. Which means that if city or state civil service workers who go out on strike, will be fined two days pay for each day on strike plus, union officials have to go to jail. However, nobody from the city or state goes to jail if they don't bargain in good faith.
That's a restricting on the hanger. go to channel four.
FREDERICK W MAYER from New York said:
Au contraire sir Hays, it IS coming and I'm not a golfer.
LIRR 'workers' won't go on strike until the municipal golf courses re-open. Sorry, bartenders.
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