September 2, 2014

MMA Thomas Mik
MONTREAL – Attorneys and the union representing Montreal, Maine & Atlantic engineer Tom Harding and railway traffic controller Richard Labrie are asking that criminal charges against two men... Read more
BUCKLIN, Mo. – White River Productions has acquired Railroad Model Craftsman and Railfan & Railroad magazines from Carstens Publications Inc., effective Sept. 1. The asset purchase agre... Read more
GEORGETOWN, Texas – Former Union Pacific Vice President Guerdon Sterling Sines has died at age 86. He was born in El Paso in 1928 and later lived in Ogden, Utah. He attended the U.S. Milit... Read more
Amtrak Gilman
CHICAGO - Amtrak has filed an amended complaint with the Surface Transportation Board seeking an investigation of Canadian National for causing unacceptable train delays on the Chicago to Carbondale c... Read more
UP - Matthew Griffin
OMAHA, Neb. – Union Pacific has made multiple Operating Department appointments effective Sept. 1. Kenneth Hunt has been named vice president of transportation and will lead transportation... Read more
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