September 23, 2014

OTTAWA – The Canadian federal government will not step in to assist the financially ailing Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway, the Ottawa Chronicle Herald reports. The Genesee &a... Read more
WASHINGTON – The Surface Transportation Board has awarded a contract to InterVISTAS Consulting LLC to conduct an independent analysis that evaluates potential alternative rate regulation approac... Read more
CSX - Chris Starnes
BALTIMORE – CSX Transportation and the Alliance for Community Trees have completed the final tree plantings of the 1812 Trees Initiative, a multi-year campaign to plant 1,812 trees in Baltimore.... Read more
BERLIN – Seeing Machines Limited has signed a strategic agreement with Electro-Motive Diesel related to in-cab operator fatigue and distraction monitoring systems for use in locomotives. Se... Read more
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September 22, 2014
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September 17, 2014
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